Family-Run For Community Support

Quantum Light focuses on cosmic awareness and community growth, because we cannot better ourselves without expanding beyond our comfort zones. Our goal is to host services and provide products which connect, inspire, and transform.

Mother Daughter Duo
Light Workers

Quantum Light was created by two light workers, a mother and daughter duo, whose goal has always been to help others.

But what is a lightworker?

For those unfamiliar with the term, lightwork is a collective philosophy and path of service which revolves around ending suffering, awakening humankind to its full potential, and ebbing tides of “darkness” which has plagued humanity for as long as human consciousness. Using our experience, we help raise each other up to our highest selves.

The Vision of Quantum Light

Monica’s Vision


I see every vision as a potential wisdom from a collective consciousness. I never dismiss a thought without first examining it.

Many years ago, I had visions of the word “Quantum Light”. I sat with those thoughts and visions of community and spiritual growth. Philosophical and spiritual theories all came through. I considered how these ideas were connected, and realized that we needed a central meeting place. This was how Quantum Light Annex was born.